n. & v.
1 a a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers. b a literary composition intended for publication (is working on her book).
2 a bound set of blank sheets for writing or keeping records in.
3 a set of tickets, stamps, matches, cheques, samples of cloth, etc., bound up together.
4 (in pl.) a set of records or accounts.
5 a main division of a literary work, or of the Bible (the Book of Deuteronomy).
6 (in full book of words) a libretto, script of a play, etc.
7 colloq. a magazine.
8 a telephone directory (his number's in the book).
9 a record of bets made and money paid out at a race meeting by a bookmaker.
10 a set of six tricks collected together in a card-game.
11 an imaginary record or list (the book of life).
1 tr. a engage (a seat etc.) in advance; make a reservation of. b engage (a guest, supporter, etc.) for some occasion.
2 tr. a take the personal details of (an offender or rule-breaker). b enter in a book or list.
3 tr. issue a railway etc. ticket to.
4 intr. make a reservation (no need to book).
Phrases and idioms:
book club a society which sells its members selected books on special terms. book-end a usu. ornamental prop used to keep a row of books upright. book in esp. Brit. register one's arrival at a hotel etc. book learning mere theory. book-plate a decorative label stuck in the front of a book bearing the owner's name. book-rest an adjustable support for an open book on a table. book token Brit. a voucher which can be exchanged for books to a specified value. book up
1 buy tickets in advance for a theatre, concert, holiday, etc.
2 (as booked up) with all places reserved. book value the value of a commodity as entered in a firm's books (opp. market value). bring to book call to account. closed (or sealed) book a subject of which one is ignorant. go by the book proceed according to the rules. the good Book the Bible. in a person's bad (or good) books in disfavour (or favour) with a person. in my book in my opinion. make a book take bets and pay out winnings at a race meeting. not in the book disallowed. on the books contained in a list of members etc. suits my book is convenient to me. take a leaf out of a person's book imitate a person. throw the book at colloq. charge or punish to the utmost.
Etymology: OE boc, bocian, f. Gmc, usu. taken to be rel. to BEECH (the bark of which was used for writing on)

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, / (of a written work),

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